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Achievements of Dnyana Devi

Dnyana Devi is proud of having developed a near fool-proof model for development of the children from underprivileged communities. The model is based on a clear understanding of the multifaceted problems of such children and uses recreational activities as a tool for development of perfection in every single child. It makes learning an enjoyable and fruitful experience for children.

Specific achievements amongst children

The Gammat Shala experiment was initiated to remedy the inferiority complex related syndrome or rather resultant maladies of this syndrome which was lack of motivation and absence of confidence to try new things. Within 3 years of its launch, the children were found to be highly motivated to experiment, and crave for new experiences. The more specific achievements are:
        Inculcating self-confidence amongst children and removal of the massive inferiority complex;
        Reducing educational wastage;
        Promoting school enrolment;
        Averting delinquency;
        Enhancing achievement motivation and school performance;
        Ensuring successful completion of education by girls thereby avoiding early marriage,
        Reducing the incidence of child labor;
        Long-term impact analysis indicating a positive sustained change.

Achievements among other groups:

Dnyana Devi has made a studied and continuous effort of remove gender related differences amongst the children, the youth and adults, and succeeded in the attempt.
      Success in weaning away the slum youth from anti-social activities and training them in self- sufficiency. - Positive attitudinal changes amongst project communities and development of a broader world view.
       A shift form selfish goals to socially motivated goals amongst local leadership.
       Procurement of excellent collaborative participation from the concerned officials and elected political representatives.
       Organization of women's groups for awareness and literacy programmes, as well as vocational training and legal awareness generation.
       Identification of leadership and organizational potential from all the legally declared slums of Pune and training of these leaders.
       Development of successful models of awareness and education programme for child development, for disadvantaged women, nutrition education etc.
       Door-step Health programme that offers preventive health care and counseling.


All the projects of Dnyana Devi are planned and conducted as action research programmes (semi colon removed), thereby facilitating (word removed)systematic compilation of empirical data, adding to the universal data bank. Research programmes in education, women's and children's issues and community development are undertaken for other agencies and government bodies. Important projects undertaken by the group thus far include the following:
        Survey of all registered slums in Pune for its leadership and organizational potential
        Child labor survey.
        Data compilation of school facilities survey - Pune Municipal Schools; for Unicef
        Preparation of Pune city Educational Plan (proposed).